Orland Park Root Canal Dentist Answers Your Questions About Treating Serious Dental Damage

Written by Dr. Zaibak on Apr 26, 2016

Keeping your smile healthy often requires a mixture of preventive dentistry as well as high-quality restorative dentistry. If you do experience dental damage or infection, it is critical that you seek restorative treatment in a timely manner, in order to stop these problems from intensifying and spreading throughout your smile.

One treatment that our Tinley Park dentists use to fix severely damaged teeth is root canal therapy. We know that the term “root canal” can be panic-inducing for many people, but we hope that this short overview will help you see that root canal isn’t scary at all, and in fact, is a very beneficial restorative option.

The Goal

The goal of root canal therapy is to eliminate diseased and damaged oral tissues. Then, we can build upon the remaining healthy tooth structure to repair the affected tooth.

The Process

During root canal therapy, our dentist will go into the inner core of your tooth and clear away the dental pulp and the dental roots. Once this compromised material is out of your smile, we will clean the remaining healthy tooth portions, in order to minimize the risk of re-infection.

Finally, our dental team repairs and rebuilds your tooth using a high-quality dental restoration. Once this restoration is complete, your tooth will look whole and natural, and you will also be able to use your repaired tooth to eat and drink your favorite things comfortably again!

Keep in Mind

Modern dental technologies and sedation treatments have made undergoing root canal therapy more comfortable and stress-free than ever before. Many patients report to our team that their root canal was similar in experience to having a standard filling.

The main point is that root canal therapy can actually save a tooth that would otherwise need to be pulled or fall out. Plus, root canal therapy helps to prevent a serious dental infection from ravaging your entire smile.

Please feel free to call our Orland Park dentists if you have further questions or if you think you may be currently suffering from dental damage. We are here for you!