Orland Park Teeth Whitening Dentist Helps You Maintain Dental Enamel

Written by Dr. Zaibak on Sep 9, 2014

When your dental enamel looks bright and fresh, your smile, in general, appears younger and healthier. There are actually many different things that you can do to improve the brightness of your smile. Some of these treatments are in-office, doctor-administered treatments, while others are quick and simple things you can complete at home.

Today our Orland Park teeth whitening dentist is going to be talking to you in greater detail about what you can do to maintain your white enamel.

First of all, at home, make sure to care for your teeth to the best of your ability! Follow your dentist’s recommendation about brushing and flossing, so that you can keep bacteria and staining substances off of your enamel. You might also want to add a mouth rinse into your daily routine for extra brightening power.

As part of your daily routine, make sure to consume enough water throughout the day. Water rinses staining products from your dental enamel, and it allows your body to produce health-promoting saliva.

If you are battling existing stains, you can try to use over the counter whitening treatments. These treatments, while affordable, are somewhat unpredictable, and can take a long time to deliver results.

In-office dental whitening treatments can help you reveal a brighter and whiter smile in just one or two dental appointments. For really tough discoloration, you may decide to brighten your smile with dental bonding or porcelain veneers/Lumineers. When you are trying to decide how best to brighten your smile, please take the time to talk with a professional dentist for personalized recommendations.

As always our Orland Park teeth whitening dentist office is happy to speak with you about any of your dental concerns. To speak to our dental team, give our office a call, or submit your contact information on our website!