Our Tinley Park Dentists Outline Some Habits That Can Damage Your Smile

Written by Dr. Zaibak on Mar 17, 2020

Our Orland Park dentists have found that patients of all ages can benefit from a quick assessment of their daily routines and dental habits. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we can get a little lazy when it comes to maintaining oral health. This article is all about harmful habits, and what you can do about them. Let’s get started!

Snacking or Sipping All Day

Every time that you eat, or you drink something other than water, the oral bacteria in your mouth become active, feeding on sugars and refined carbohydrates. Here’s the thing: these bacteria stay active for about twenty to thirty minutes after you finish eating and drinking. So, in order to minimize the amount of time that bacteria are growing and spreading, you really want to snack and enjoy sugary beverages at one time, rather than continuously throughout the day.

Brushing Right Away

Another thing to keep in mind is that your dental enamel is temporarily softened when it is exposed to acidic and sugary substances. If you brush your teeth right after eating or drinking, you risk wearing down enamel when it is in its most vulnerable state. Make sure to wait at least 30 minutes to brush your teeth; in the meantime, try rinsing your smile to refresh it quickly.

Picking at Problem Areas

It can be so annoying to feel those errant little food particles that get stuck between our teeth. That’s when many people reach for a toothpick. Our Orland Park dental team recommends that you use floss, rather than a metal or wooden toothpick, to refresh your smile. Not only does floss do a better a job at reaching plaque and food particles, it is also much safer and gentler for your teeth and oral tissues.

Make an effort to recognize these problematic habits in your own routine. With just a few tweaks, you can have a happier, healthier smile, for years to come! Feel free to contact our team if you have additional questions!