Our Tinley Park Dentists Use Sedation To Increase Patient Comfort

Written by Dr. Zaibak on Sep 15, 2015

At Zaibak Center Dentistry, we know that it can be difficult for patients with dental anxiety to come in for dental treatment. Because we know how important regular dental care is, we make it a priority to offer comfort and sedation treatments to help put anxious dental patients at ease.

So here is a quick overview of some of the amenities that we offer:

1. Anesthetic Wand

The anesthetic wand is a tool that our dental team uses to help patients with dental anxiety get ready for dental treatment. The anesthetic wand delivers anesthetic to the patient at a computer-controlled rate—this rate is specifically designed to be painless.

2. Massage Chairs

If you need a little help relaxing in the dentist’s chair, our massage chairs are made for you! You can chill out—and wrap up with a blanket and neck pillow—while our dental team takes care of your smile. Massage chairs can be especially beneficial for patients who tend to tense up during treatment, or who get achy when they stay in one position for too long.

3. Fun Stuff!

To help take your mind off of dental treatment during your appointment, you can distract yourself with our in-office media options. You can listen to music, or watch T.V. or a DVD. Our dental team has found that these types of pleasant distractions can really make a world of difference for patients who get anxious or bored during dental treatment.

These comfort and relaxation measures, used alone, or in combination with dental sedation, have empowered anxious patients to get the treatments that they need. If you think that they may be able to help you too, please feel free to contact our Orland Park dentists for more information. Don’t let dental fear keep you from achieving a healthy smile!