Tinley Park Cosmetic Dentist Explains LUMINEERS and Veneers Compare

Written by Dr. Zaibak on Feb 22, 2016

If you are trying to pick the perfect cosmetic dentistry treatment for your smile, our Tinley Park cosmetic dentists are here to help you collect as much information as you can! Today’s article is devoted to discussing two very popular aesthetic options—veneers and LUMINEERS. Keep reading to learn more about how these two treatments compare!

Here are some ways in which LUMINEERS and veneers are similar:

· Both veneers and LUMINEERS are cosmetic restorations that are applied over natural teeth

· They are both crafted to look like layers of natural enamel

· They are both made of porcelain—which is both sturdy, and aesthetically resembles real dental enamel

· Veneers and LUMINEERS, once attached, stay in place permanently (24/7)

· Both of these treatments can be completed in just a few dental appointments

· Veneers and LUMIENERS are customizable to the patient

The primary difference between veneers and LUMINEERS is that LUMINEERS are made from a particular type of porcelain called Cerinate porcelain. Cerinate porcelain is stronger than other types of porcelain, which means:

· LUMINEERS are thinner than veneers, while still being strong, which means that they are less obtrusive (stick out less) when applied to teeth

· Our dental team does not need to shave away a lot of the patient’s tooth in order to make the LUMINEER fit

· LUMINEERS are reversible—your teeth are still strong and intact under your cosmetic restorations

When our dental team meets with you about your cosmetic dentistry needs, we’ll be able to help you figure out what type of cosmetic treatment might be right for you. Please schedule a consultation with our Orland Park cosmetic dentists in order to get started. You can also call our dental team to get general information on aesthetic dental treatments of all kinds.