Tinley Park Cosmetic Dentist Office Improves the Appearance of Teeth With Professional Dental Bonding

Written by Dr. Zaibak on Aug 4, 2014

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wished that you could instantly change something about your smile? Dental bonding is one treatment that can help you meet your goal—with dental bonding you can correct cosmetic flaws in no time at all. Our Orland Park cosmetic dentist office has put together this explanation of dental bonding to help you understand exactly how this treatment works.

Many cosmetic dentistry treatments are multi-phased, and thus take awhile to complete. Orthodontic treatment, for example, may take months or years to achieve desired results. Dental bonding is one of the fastest ways to perfect your smile—it can generally be completed in just one dental appointment!

During the process of dental bonding our dentist applies dental resin to your teeth in order to correct aesthetic or structural dental problems. The dental resin will be both shaped and shaded to suit your tooth and overall smile. Once the resin is applied, our dental team will cure it and allow it to set. You will be able to see and enjoy full aesthetic results as soon as the treatment process is over!

Dental bonding has a wide variety of uses in dentistry. Our dentist regularly use dental bonding to…

· Whiten the appearance of dark or stained dental enamel

· Close gaps in a patient’s smile

· Make poorly proportioned teeth appear longer or wider

· Repair cracks or chips in your teeth

Dental bonding really is one of the simplest ways to transform your smile quickly and comfortably. This non-invasive procedure is suitable for patients of many ages.

Want to learn whether dental bonding is right for you? Feel free to give our Tinley Park cosmetic dentist office a call to get started! We can help you find a cosmetic treatment that suits your life and your dental needs.