Tinley Park Dental Implant Dentist Office Reviews The Treatment Process for Dental Implant Insertion

Written by Dr. Zaibak on Jan 29, 2013

Having dental implants surgically placed is a multi-phased treatment process—today we’re going to review how dental implants are placed so that you can determine whether dental implants may be right for you. Read on for more information from our Orland Park, IL dentist office about this exciting treatment option…

Dental implants differ from other tooth replacement options—like bridges and dentures—in that they are actually embedded into the jawbone. Where other replacement teeth simply sit on top of the gum tissue, dental implants function like natural teeth—they have a titanium root and then a natural-looking restoration that is attached above the gum line.

These dental implant components are placed in phases—the titanium root is implanted first, and then the dental restoration is attached to the titanium root with an abutment.

The first phase of treatment is the surgical implantation of the titanium root. After this procedure your gum tissue and jawbone will take time to heal. During this period you’ll wear temporary restorations until your mouth has healed enough to finish the implantation process.

Once your jaw and gum tissues have healed we’ll then cap the titanium root with a connecting piece called an abutment. The abutment joins the natural-looking restoration and the titanium root, giving you proxy tooth root and proxy dental enamel.

This entire treatment process generally takes a few months, including healing time. Once your dental implant treatment is complete you’ll be able to enjoy beautiful, strong, and health-supporting dental implants for years to come.

Dental implants have revolutionized tooth replacement treatment because implants give the patient the feeling, appearance, and functionality of natural teeth. To learn more, call our Tinley Park dental implant dentists. During your consultation we’ll walk you through the process and evaluate whether dental implants may be right for your needs.