Tinley Park Dentist Explains the Uses of Fluoridated Substances in Dentistry

Written by Dr. Zaibak on Aug 4, 2014

Innovations in dentistry allow patients to enjoy healthy and beautiful smiles for years. Fluoridated substances are prevalent in dentistry—they help patients achieve and maintain strong, healthy teeth. Here’s some information about fluoride in dentistry from our Tinley Park dentist office—read on to learn how to help your smile with fluoride!

So what is fluoride?

Fluoride is actually a natural element. It is naturally found in many organic substances—soil, water, and rocks. Research shows that fluoride can help remineralize teeth—specifically dental enamel. Dental enamel is the strong, hard, white outside layer of the tooth. Throughout the day, your enamel begins to demineralize due to acid erosion. Fluoride works to naturally remineralize dental enamel before your teeth become damaged.

What kinds of fluoridated substances can I use?

Fluoridated substances are used throughout dentistry to keep dental enamel strong. Here are some commonly used fluoridated dental products—speak to your dentist if you have any question about whether or not these are appropriate for your teeth…

1. Most adults should be using a fluoridated toothpaste. Using a toothpaste enriched with fluoride every morning and night boosts your mouth’s remineralization power.

2. Fluoridated mouthwashes can also be used morning and night, as well as periodically throughout the day. Many over the counter mouthwashes have helpful levels of fluoride, but there are also specially formulated mouthwashes that your dentist can prescribe.

3. In the United States tap water is already fluoridated. Drinking tap water, rather than non-fluoridated bottled water, can strengthen your teeth.

Most adults already get enough fluoride from their daily diets, dental hygiene routines, and water consumption. Your dentist will help you formulate a treatment plan to obtain fluoride if you’re deficient. Give our Tinley Park dentist office a call to learn more or to schedule your own appointment today!