Tinley Park Invisalign Dentist Takes You Through The Complete Invisalign Process

Written by Dr. Zaibak on Jun 3, 2014

Have you been considering perfecting your smile using Invisalign? Want to know more about what treatment entails, and how patients achieve results? If so, keep reading this explanation from our Tinley Park Invisalign dentist office. And remember, you can always contact our dental team for more information.

Before we even begin Invisalign treatment, our team will take a look at your smile to make sure that it is healthy, and ready to undergo cosmetic treatment. We’ll make sure that you are not suffering from any dental infections that may jeopardize Invisalign treatment, and we will restore any damaged teeth.

Next, we’ll take the steps needed to craft your dental aligners. Invisalign treatment works because patients wear clear aligners over their teeth. These aligners are designed to incrementally move the patient’s teeth into better alignment. In order to get the “starting point” from which to craft your first aligner, we will take an impression of your teeth as they are.

Then, the Invisalign lab designs all of your dental aligners—from start to finish—that will take your smile from point A to your dream smile. Using digital modeling, we will show you how your treatment process will progress. We’ll make sure that you’re happy with your proposed final smile before we give you your first aligner.

The next step is for you to start wearing your first aligner. This aligner will fit tightly over your teeth, applying constant pressure to your smile. You will wear your aligners all day and night, except for when you eat, drink, and clean your teeth. Every few weeks, you’ll come back to our office to receive the next aligner in your treatment series.

As you can see, the Invisalign treatment system is very easy to live with. Plus, this treatment option allows you to really visualize your post-treatment smile before we even get started. Give our Orland Park Invisalign dentist office a call to learn more.